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Measuring Our Way to the Meaning Age

Chris Carlson of Narrative Pros – Entrepreneur, Actor, Attorney Measuring Our Way to the Meaning Age We have all been bored at some point in our lives, right? I know I have. At least some of that boredom probably came from someone talking at you. Not with you, but at you. Recently, a physics professor made news (e.g here and here) for speaking out against what I would have assumed would be his bread and butter: the college lecture. What I found so fascinating (and more than a little inspiring) is that the professor did something about it: he measured that pain. Measuring Our Pain He empirically tested
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Andcor in the News – Twin Cities Business

Ty Anderson profiled in Twin Cities Business feature “200 Minnesotans You Should Know” Introduced By Dale Kurschner, Twin Cities Business, December, 2011 Read Full Feature There are the usual “people to know” — the ones that show up in the top half of local Top 25 lists or are most cited when you ask whom you should network with. And then there are the other people to know — the ones who are, in many ways, more active in shaping our communities, our social fabric, our state’s economy, and our sense of identity. Ty Anderson, Managing principal, Andcor Anderson became
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