Off the Record | Justin Cox
Since 1969, Andcor has promoted the growth of Minnesota-based startup, venture, and growth stage companies. We recently started a not so serious interview series with local growth company leaders. Twin Cities Growth Company Leaders…of the record. Brought to you by Andcor. Justin Cox, founder of Arthur Wayne Favorite vacation spot?
Scarcity Driven Innovation – Why Resourcefulness Beats Resources
We’ve all heard the adage “work expands to the time available.” The same goes for a budget on a project; whatever amount you allocate (both time and money) will get used (and then some). Now, add in the fact that the company is having a pretty good year and matters
Get Out, Stay Out
Get Out, Stay Out. Guest Post by Justin Cox, founder of Arthur Wayne. A year ago we decided do something a different. We took 3 months off from what we had been considering “the real world” and rented a camper to go on an epic road trip. Officially we were
Stock Options in a Growth Company
Interested in working for a growth company? Stock options are likely a part of the compensation plan. Here are some key questions to ask during the interview.
Kieran Folliard has another new venture: FOOD BUILDING
Kieran Folliard, serial entrepreneur and master story teller, has another new venture, FOOD BUILDING. Learn about the man and his ventures from this MPR show broadcasted earlier this week.
Dirty Jobs Ted Talk
In the course of interviewing thousands of high performers over the years, there are many common threads of success. One of the most interesting is that nearly everyone had a “dirty” job in their past…a job that wasn’t fun, was below their “pay grade” but somehow after it was over
Andcor in the News – Twin Cities Business
Ty Anderson profiled in Twin Cities Business feature “200 Minnesotans You Should Know” Introduced By Dale Kurschner, Twin Cities Business, December, 2011 Read Full Feature There are the usual “people to know” — the ones that show up in the top half of local Top 25 lists or are most
Effective Executive Recruitment
The quality of your team is essential for maximizing your potential growth. This underlying belief is what drives our business. The right mix of leaders makes all the difference in the success of an emerging company. Experience has taught us what types of people thrive in fast-paced growth companies and