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7 Key Strategies for Recruiting a Senior-Level Candidate

Recruiting senior candidates for upper-level positions in your company can be a delicate dance that is markedly different from recruiting and hiring lower-level employees. Here are a few key strategies designed to keep in mind when you’re looking to replace someone in your C-suite. Cast your net wider than your own network. This is one of many reasons an executive search firm is a vital ally in recruiting and hiring top-level positions. Your network is only so large, and the big fish might be swimming outside of it. A recruiter will have a huge network of candidates, even those who are
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5 Effective Recruitment Strategies That Will Help You Attract the Best Talent

The success of any company, large or small, is hugely affected by the people working in it. This is the main reason why every organization tries to outdo its competitors when it comes to hiring top talent. If you want attract and retain the best employees, you need to upgrade your recruitment strategies! Here are 5 effective tips to put into action if you want to improve your recruitment process: Understand What You Need – Be clear about job requirements for each profile you advertise. This helps potential candidates know what to expect and whether they’re actually qualified to apply
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Tips for hiring millennials

Hiring top talent is more difficult than ever these days, due in no small part to the historically low unemployment rate. It has led hiring managers and recruiters alike to hone their strategies, refine their processes and even assess their companies in order to be competitive in the hiring game. Much of their focus has been on millennials — how to attract them, how to hire them and how to keep them. Why millennials? Sheer numbers. The year 2020 is ushering in an important turning point for the U.S. population and, by default, the workplace as well. This year, according
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