Face to Face Friendly Culture: A Conversation with Sarah Oliver

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For almost 50 years, Andcor has pioneered customized solutions in the recruitment industry.  Along the way, we’ve developed an incredible network of leaders at all levels…and we continue to make lifelong connections each and every day. We love sharing that sense of community and connection with others and are excited to introduce Sarah Oliver. 


Sarah was born and raised on the west coast and her parents always told her, “You can do whatever you put your mind to.”   Little did they know just how right they were!

Sarah is the real deal and loves the fact that her days are never the same.  She is a “fixer” while, at the same time, being able to bring out the best in others.  This is one of the main reasons she’s been able to help build successful teams. 

Sarah can manage the details while figuring out how everything fits into the big picture.  Details plus vision – a tough combination to beat!

Sarah is the Director of Administrative Services of Cyber Power Systems (USA), Inc. and continues to make a positive impact on the business each and every day.  Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with Sarah to ask her about CyberPower and how she continues to make a difference. 


What excites you about working at CyberPower?


I love that my day is never the same.  Problem solving comes second nature to me, in fact, I often describe myself as a “fixer”.  I really enjoy helping people, bringing different perspectives together to come up with a mutually beneficial solution, figuring out how everything fits into the big picture, and ultimately contributing to the continued success of our company on a daily basis. 


You have an interesting Core Value at CyberPower – “Beyond” – can you share the story of how this was defined as a core value?


From the beginning CyberPower’s innovative nature was to go beyond in any way possible.  Whether it was to exceed a customer’s request, develop a new product, improve a currently existing one, or provide excellent customer service as we are always looking for ways to improve.  There is never a product, process, or event where we don’t reflect on how we could make it better the next time. 


You have hired and built strong teams.  What two things do you look for when hiring people?


When I hire, I look for someone who isn’t just a fit for today, but also for the future.  I’m not sure I can narrow it to two things, although I have a few top qualities I look for such as innovative spirit, drive, and commitment to doing the best job possible while being a great team member.  We can teach skills, but we can’t teach personality.


Describe the culture at CyberPower? 


CyberPower has a face-to-face friendly culture that makes it feel like a big family.  People come, they stay a long time; some even their entire career.  We like to have fun, while getting our work done. People at CyberPower are committed to building quality relationships with our customers and partners and products that we can be proud of.


How do you keep people motivated and focused?


I like to talk to people to find out what their passions are.  I believe that understanding where they want their career to go, what they enjoy, and what they do well can only lead to a happy and productive person.


Great stuff Sarah; but what about the tough questions….

Favorite outdoor activity – long walks with my dog

Last book you read – Karin Slaughter’s “The Kept Woman” 

Favorite flavor of ice cream – Peppermint

Morning or night person – day

Describe yourself in 2 words – hard working & quick witted

Favorite tv channel – HGTV

Sweet or salty snacks – Why just choose one?  I prefer BOTH!

Last concert – Imagine Dragons (we took the whole family!) 

Sneakers or flip flops – flip flops

Last movie you watched – Only the Brave

Thank you Sarah for sharing your thoughts and insights with us.  Peppermint ice cream, flip flops and the Imagine Dragons – must be a first!

At Andcor, we invest our time and energy into finding the best talent for high growth companies.  Know someone we should sit down and chat with?  Please introduce us!  Are you, or someone you know, looking for the best talent?  We should talk!  Call us today at 952-475-8099.

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