Curiosity and innovation (even at 5:00 a.m.!) A conversation with Scott Jagodzinski.

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For almost 50 years, Andcor has pioneered customized solutions in the recruitment industry.  Along the way, we’ve developed an incredible network of leaders…and we continue to make lifelong connections each and every day.

We love sharing that sense of community and connection with others and are excited to introduce Scott Jagodzinski.



Scott is a true business entrepreneur but with a very unique background and skill set, blending operations and finance with leadership and innovation.   As a founder, CEO, board member or advisor Scott has started, run and helped many companies ranging from media to fitness to technology.

Today, Scott is Managing Director of Ventures at GoKart Labs in Minneapolis and is able to bring his years of experience and passion to help reinvent and transform companies.  Invent, make, market and transform are the 4 buckets that describe the work that is done at GoKart Labs and that seems to describe and cover Scott’s experience and skills to a “T”.

No wonder he loves to talk about this exciting company.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Scott and ask him a few questions about his role as well as his innovative and creative perspective.


Andcor: What excites you about your current business? 

Scott: GoKart Ventures (part of GoKart Labs) invests in promising startups in education, healthcare, financial services and “other”  (this is our catch all for businesses we think are interesting but not necessarily in one of our three verticals).  The exciting part is meeting with founders, learning about their dreams, how they plan to achieve them and determining if we can help them along the way.


Andcor: Describe digital innovation and why it needs to be a part of every company? 

Scott: Innovation, whether digital or not, needs to be a core part of a company’s DNA and it has to start with the CEO.  Innovation isn’t limited to startups or growth companies, it just tends to be a requirement for existing.  At larger companies, particularly publicly-held companies, innovation is more challenging because it tends to be messy and not play well with quarterly earnings.  It also tends to be a separate initiative versus embedded in how the company does business.  This invariably leads to vulnerability to smaller, innovative companies.  Cab companies didn’t see Uber coming, hotels didn’t see Airbnb coming, Blockbuster dismissed Netflix, the list goes on.  Innovate or die (maybe not today, but eventually).


Andcor: You have hired and built strong teams.  What two things do you look for when hiring people? 

Scott: Curiosity and capacity.  Experience is less relevant to me (for most positions).  Curiosity is a cousin to innovation and capacity is the ability to take on massive challenges and deliver.


Andcor: Describe the culture at GoKart Labs.

Scott: I’m one of the newer people on the team and it has been a unique and fun experience.  So many talented people from so many interesting backgrounds.  The culture is about “how might we” which is about possibilities, overcoming obstacles, and partnering with companies to invent, make, market and transform.  There is also a “keep GoKart weird” vibe which I think is part of the secret sauce.  GoKart is an EOS Traction shop so it is very deliberate in its growth, culture, hiring, etc.


Andcor: How do you keep people motivated and focused? 

Scott: It starts with the hiring process.  The process should be “hard” in that it isn’t easy getting in.  The old saying about “you know the hardest thing about Harvard?  Getting in” is true for hiring.  Hire correctly up front by focusing on your core values and you minimize downstream problems.  Once this is done right, it’s all about being crystal clear on outcomes and constraints and letting teams do their thing.  Underlying this is having clear accountabilities 


And now for the really tough questions….

Favorite workout activity? Functional fitness, partial to Alchemy!

Last book you read? The Startup Way by Eric Ries.

Favorite flavor of ice cream? Sebastian Joe’s Coffee Oreo.

Morning or night person? Morning…5:00 a.m.

Describe yourself in 2 words? Problem solver.

Favorite tv channel? AMC.

Sweet or salty snacks? Salty, washed down with a local IPA.

Last concert? Fleet Foxes at The Palace Theater.

Sneakers or sandals? More of a boots guy but I’m in sneakers more than sandals.

Last movie you watched? Arrival.

Favorite Podcast? How I Built This with Guy Raz.


Who would have thought – Coffee Oreo Ice Cream + 5 am + the Fleet Foxes!  We want to thank Scott for his thoughts and insights.

At Andcor, we invest our time and energy into finding the best talent for high growth companies.  Know someone we should sit down and chat with?  Please introduce us!  Are you, or someone you know, looking for the best talent?  We should talk!  Call us today at 952-475-8099.

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