Developing the Next Leaders

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Building Progress: The Next Generation of Leadership

Something that nearly every corporation will tell you that they are afraid of is the amount of soon to be open roles with a lack of sure fire candidates to carry on the torch. The cultivation of the next generation is essential to maintaining a sustainable projection. While nothing is guaranteed, corporations are doing their due diligence to protect their interests, and it starts with the emerging executives.

Companies have begun to rotate recent entries through different roles. Giving them experience in multiple areas to improve their flexibility with in different aspects of the company. Running new employees through different areas can also expand their relations with their coworkers, developing a larger understanding of the body at work.



Mentorship programs lean on the advice of experienced veterans to give insight on the necessary solutions for tasks. Many companies use these programs to develop a comfortable relationship with a clear guideline as to what the entry employee will learn from their advisor, as well as how often they will meet.

The amount of feedback that new entry level participants are receiving are paramount to their success in the emerging executive roles. Companies are assessing everything that the new entry does and giving a copious amount of complements as well as critique. It is important for the emerging leaders to know what they are doing right as much as what demands higher expectations.

Creating meaningful experiences with apparent impact is large contributor for developing the confidence of new executives. Corporations and businesses understand that there was in an inherent desire in the potential leader to make a difference. The Harvard Business Review has found that fewer than 20% of executives understand their purpose. Make their mission obvious, even if they undertake varying roles.

Keeping an eye out for new executive’s performance without standing behind their backs also boosts self-reliance. Allowing new leaders to take decision-making responsibilities with input as needed from advisors allows for a sense of command.

Above all, companies are ensuring that the emerging leaders carry the personality to lead naturally. They are investing in potential executives without the fear of cutting bait.


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