Executive Hiring Plans for Start-Ups, Part 3

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You’ve done all the right things. You’ve planned your next three executive level hires and the business goals that will drive the hiring decisions. You’re actively seeking members of your executive team and are prepared to offer competitive compensation packages. But when it comes down to it, it’s difficult to make a decision. Who is going to work out? The young and hungry candidate lacking experience? The seasoned executive looking for a position that can take them to retirement?

When the wrong decision can cost you precious time and money, making a choice can feel like an overwhelming burden. Who’s it going to be?


Who is going to be a great balance?

Entrepreneurs need to be open to different experiences and skills that will bring balance. Maybe you’re a software engineer who has created an amazing product and you need someone with a strong operational background to support the final user interface. Think beyond the executive title to the skills and abilities you need in the position. Often, the biggest challenge for a start up is the lack of experience with strategy and planning. This will require a seasoned executive. But what if you have an extremely young workforce? The right choice will balance a youthful energy with experience to balance your team.

Who is going to be the best coach?

Above all, an executive is a leader. He or she is partially responsible for a strong, supportive culture that helps your best and brightest employees achieve to their highest levels. The best leaders show off their team’s work, not their own. The best leaders champion a team’s achievements and understand how to motivate, teach, and effectively manage.

Who do you know? And who don’t you know?

Look outside of your network. Be open to fresh ideas and new people. When you bring on friends, former colleagues, former business associates, vendors, or consultants or any of the people you may already know, you’re not stretching beyond your current thinking. When you reach out to a new network, you’re exposed to new thinking and people. Definitely worth the time and effort..

Who do they know?

Who has the candidate worked with? Worked for? Supervised? Don’t just check on the references someone gives you. Ask around. Find out who else the candidate knows and ask about the candidate. Look for themes and trends in the stories you hear. If the candidate is a poor leader and an excellent interviewee, you will have saved yourself months of effort and tens of thousands of dollars.

One of the largest challenges all businesses face is building teams of high-achieving, successful executives and employees. At Andcor, we believe that great people know great people. Not only can we help with your search, but we can help you figure out who is going to be successful in the roles you need to fill.

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