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Whether you’re just setting out on your executive talent search or deep into the process already, the recruiting firm you use in that search can make all the difference for your organization.

The right partner will offer a valuable perspective on the strategic and organizational roadblocks typical of an executive search. The wrong firm can steer you astray, wasting valuable resources, time, and budget.


As you expand or begin your search, look for a firm with deep experience in and comfort with:


Hiring for the long-term. Too often, companies hire for their immediate needs, rather than at the level of their long-term vision. As your strategic partner, Andcor works closely with you to understand that vision from every angle. We tailor our search criteria and process around steps that map back to these long-term growth goals.


Understanding the psychology of top executives. Emotions can run high on both sides of the equation when it comes to getting the right talent in place as quickly as possible. Many firms will skip over the deeper motivations of candidates jockeying for position in a search.

At Andcor, we maintain a national network of relationships with outstanding talent. But we also understand the factors that go into, say, a candidate deciding whether to relocate to the Twin Cities. We’re experts at sussing out the likelihood of candidates sticking it out in the Midwest for the long term based on a multitude of factors. And we take the time to fully qualify each lead.


Involving you in the hiring process at the right moments. If you had all the time in the world to seek out your ideal executive team, you might not need help from an objective party at all. But you’re busy running a business and serving your customers. You don’t have time to engage with the intake process of every candidate.

While each of the professionals in our pool of talent lives up to our high standards, Andcor knows the right fit comes down to some fairly nuanced criteria. We involve you at key strategic moments in the process so you gain familiarity with the finalists of your search.


Considering the whole person—and the whole company. Look for a firm that understands the ever-changing nature and structure of emerging organizations.

At Andcor, we make sure our human capital management solutions and organizational development solutions are flexible as well as results oriented. We help you tie all the different aspects of your business (people, culture, structure, compensation, performance) into your business goals. In that way, you can maximize the impact each hire has on the success of your organization.


Interacting with talent and clients in a natural way. Firms with databases come a dime a dozen. The question is: How qualified are those leads? How well does the firm know the company they keep?

At Andcor, we simply know good people. A lot of them. We make a point of meeting new people every day, the old-fashioned way: in person. And we get to know them over time. Like actual human beings.

We build relationships with talented executives, and we build relationships with interesting high-growth and emerging companies. We sit down on a regular basis with these people so we know what’s out there, who’s looking for what, and where the hidden opportunities lie.


Sharing in the risk and reward of your company. Look for a firm that won’t just send you on a blind date with a potential executive hire, then vanish the moment dinner arrives.  

Andcor invests in your success in a number of ways. We see the bigger picture of talent acquisition, retention, and development. We recognize that a healthy relationship takes time and mutual investment. We see the value in long-term client relationships and partnerships.

Our pioneering service-for-equity approach lets us partner with you at a deeper level. We’re a shareholder in many of our clients. And we innovate with other tailored pay-for-performance arrangements that demonstrate our commitment to your growth and success over time. Our commitment to this process gives you the freedom and flexibility to grow your business.



You can approach your search for the right executive talent a couple of ways: You can cut corners and aim for a quick finish, because your need is urgent and pressing. You’ll find plenty of firms willing to rush through the process … and happy to burn through your budget.

Or you can partner with a firm that understands and aligns with your long-term goals. Andcor is fully dedicated to undertaking executive search the same way we’ve done for the last 49 years: Thoughtfully, methodically, personally, and strategically—with your long-term growth and success in mind.


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