Talent Acquisition          

Acquiring talent is more than just recruiting and hiring people to fill job openings. Talent acquisition is a business strategy that takes a long-term view of your company. Whereas recruiting and hiring focus on filling immediate needs, getting a warm body in the job, talent acquisition is about that and a whole lot more. It's about culture fit, future potential of the new hire, skills that need to be honed or developed, and where your company is going in the coming years and how this candidate might help you get there.

Emerging companies require innovative solutions from their retained executive search firms. Andcor’s approach to solving clients’ human resource challenges is based on extensive experience and a track record of success. Andcor focuses on ensuring that our organizational solutions align directly with the ultimate goals of your business.

It is critical to hire to the level of your vision. So often companies hire for today instead of making hiring decisions based on real life growth goals. This is where Andcor comes in – we determine a strategy that ensures you are hiring the right people for your long-term growth goals. Whether it’s in the Healthcare, Financial, Tech, or Industry and Energy sector, Andcor is dedicated to finding only top-level executive talent for your company and it’s future success.

Mutual Shared Risk

Andcor is a shareholder in over 50% of its clients, and also accommodates other innovative tailored pay-for-performance arrangements that further demonstrate the resourcefulness and dedication to a successful placement. of our clients know Andcor has a vested interest in the success of their companies and allows the conservation of cash to grow their businesses; moreover, it enables Andcor to truly partner with our clients, guiding every decision we make, ensuring Andcor is fully aligned with the client’s long-term goal.


You’ve found the top talent. Great! Now how do you retain and engage them? The answer is simple. Invest in your employees, create a sense of belonging and provide clear paths for advancement. Executives and managers alike can create a culture that fosters transformational thinking and promotes growth. It all starts with an understanding of culture and of human connections.

  • Invest in your employees. This is more than just a pool table in the break room. It's focusing on both personal and professional growth. Work/life balance has become extremely important for employees. It boosts productivity, creates creativity and combats burning out/employee turnover. Investing in your employees through culture, training and benefits can produce a higher retention rate and faster growth.
  • Create a sense of belonging. It's crucial to retention. Having employees feel like they have stake in the game and will not easily be replaced creates trust and provides responsibility. Aligning business practices with core values and a sense of belonging can push your business toward a better culture. Employees who feel understood and appreciated are more productive and work harder for customers and clients.
  • Provide clear paths for advancement. Demonstrating and communicating to internal employees that their success and longevity is important to the company as a whole will provide a want and need to contribute to the company’s short- and long-term goals.
Employee experience at Andcor, we utilize a network-centric approach. We believe this helps us find you better leaders faster because we most likely already know the person that will end up being a great fit for your team, or we know someone who knows them. We’re able to leverage the relationships we have built over the past 49 years to provide our clients with unparalleled access to high impact, peer-endorsed talent.