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Executive Search

 The foundation for success of an emerging company starts with a management team that possesses world-class talent with a shared vision, complementary skills, and mutual trust and respect.

Talent Acquisition

  The quality of your people is essential to maximizing your potential growth, and Andcor’s process is both thorough and efficient in this regard.  Emerging companies require innovative solutions from their retained executive search firms. Andcor’s approach to solving clients’ human resource challenges is based on extensive experience and a track record of success. Andcor focuses on ensuring that their organizational solutions align directly with the ultimate goals of your business.

  It is critical to hire to the level of your vision. So often companies hire for today instead of making hiring decisions based on real life growth goals. This is where Andcor comes in – they determine a strategy that ensures you are hiring the right people for your long-term growth goals.