Tips for Attracting Top Talent to Your Startup

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Finding top talent can be difficult, therefore as a growing startup, you should take a few measures to ensure top talent is able to find you. You run an amazing company, have a stellar team, and do impactful work. Here are a few ways you can put that information at the forefront to attract top talent to your startup for your next round of exceptional employees.

Attract talent to your company by having a clear vision

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Identify and Declare Your Purpose and Values

If you want insightful forward-thinkers to find your company both as customers and employees, be sure to identify and concisely declare your reason for existing. This is where you let your passion speak for itself, go above the minute tasks and think about why you choose to dedicate each day to the work your company is doing. Share that excitement with the world through your website and include it on job descriptions when roles open up so like-minded individuals are able to discover you.

How to Attract Top Talent to Your Startup

Offer Flexibility and Excellent Benefits

A great benefits package is absolutely important, but it certainly isn’t the only way to attract talent to your company. Another way to draw in top performers is to offer the option to work remotely. This allows you to expand your geographical reach to locate the best person for the specific role. You can also offer this as a perk for your current employees, say for if they have a childcare emergency or just feel like really diving into something from the calmness of home every once in a while. Forbes Coaches Council declares, “Top talent appreciates a work and life balance, and are attracted to opportunities that allow them to have both.”

Utilize a Diverse Leadership Team

Every employee has an innate need to feel “represented.” If you employ a diverse leadership team and make sure their profiles are personable, impressive, and highly visible on your website, you’re more likely to attract similar high-performers who do their research on potential companies they might like to join.

Attract talent to your company with diverse leadership

Lead with Your Strong Culture

If your employees enjoy the work they do, if they love being a part of your team, put that on display. Include a culture section on your website that lays out what it’s like to work for your company, perhaps ask your current employees to contribute fun facts or quotes. Utilize your social media channels to show off your employees and their successes, and remind your employees to share the things they love about working for your company on their own social media.

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Put Your Network to Work

Building mutually beneficial relationships and a strong network is immensely important for many reasons and locating top talent should be high on the list. When you’re looking to fill a key role with the best fit, let your network know you are searching and ask them to send anyone they think would be a good fit your way. A tip from our ebook, Building Your Startup Dream Team is to, “Build relationships with potential hires over time and test them out in any way you can through advisory relationships or detailed discussions about the business.”

Attract top talent to your company using networking

There are countless ways to attract top level talent to your organization, the most important thing is to not hesitate to show off the best parts of the company, your customers, your team, and your work and the talent will find you.

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