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Andcor blog: Executive recruiting in the time of COVID

As the pandemic wears on, it’s clear that hiring, job seeking and networking have changed, at least for the foreseeable future. It’s true for both companies that need to hire for their C-suite, and for those C-level executives who are seeking a new position. For executives, none of the old rules apply in this new age of COVID. Gone are the days when you could meet a colleague for a discreet drink or lunch and talk about “hypothetical” opportunities, who might be hiring, who might be leaving their jobs. Networking events have gone by the wayside as well. For companies
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Executive compensation packages: What should you focus on to attract top talent?

Compensation and benefits packages for new hires are generally mixed bags of the usual fare, including a base salary range that’s competitive, health benefits, an employer-matching retirement plan, and other must-haves; attention-getters like unlimited PTO, relaxed policies about flex time, onsite yoga or other workouts paid for by management; and the trendy perks-of-the-moment like beer fridges and free lunches. A combination of all of the above is usually the standard when hiring most employees. It’s a delicate dance of seeing what the competition is offering and going one better, all in an effort to lure the best and brightest into
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Tips for hiring millennials

Hiring top talent is more difficult than ever these days, due in no small part to the historically low unemployment rate. It has led hiring managers and recruiters alike to hone their strategies, refine their processes and even assess their companies in order to be competitive in the hiring game. Much of their focus has been on millennials — how to attract them, how to hire them and how to keep them. Why millennials? Sheer numbers. The year 2020 is ushering in an important turning point for the U.S. population and, by default, the workplace as well. This year, according
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