Why company culture is becoming even more important in 2019

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Company culture is, has and will always be important. Over the past decade it has become increasingly important to the success and overall health of your company, your people, and your customers. We will explore 3 different benefits to a company and why they are so important for a transformational company to implement and execute in 2019.

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1. Retention

You’ve found the top talent. Great! Now how do you retain and engage them? The answer is simple; Invest in your employees, create a sense of belonging and provide clear paths for advancement. Executives and managers alike can create a culture that fosters transformational thinking and promotes growth. It all starts with an understanding of culture and of human connections.

  • Invest in your employees – This is more than just a pool table in the office – this is focusing on both personal and professional growth. Work/life balance has become extremely important for employees. It boosts productivity, creates creativity and combats burning out/employee turnover.  Investing in your employees through culture, training and benefits can produce a higher retention rate and faster growth.
  • Create a sense of belonging – This is crucial to retention. Employees that feel like they have stake in the game and they they will not be easily replaced creates trust and provides responsibility. Aligning business practices with core values and a sense of belonging, can push your business toward a better culture. Employees who feel understood and appreciated are more productive and work harder for customers and clients.
  • Provide clear paths for advancement – Demonstrating and communicating to internal employees that their success and longevity is important to the company as a whole will provide a want and need to contribute to the company’s short and long term goals.



2. Identity

Culture contributes to the identify and values of your company. Your employees should be getting the same experience as your clients. To unify these two, you need to make sure that the identity of the company matches the culture of the company. Company culture should help shape a companies identity. You need to first identify your companies values and goals and when you have clarity on the values necessary to support your desired identity type, you can use it to inform and execute other culture efforts. Leadership development, policy and procedure  employee experience should all be involved in finding the clarity of a companies identity.



3. Image

Corporate culture has major sales and marketing benefits to your brand’s image. If you focus on the type of culture and brand you want and find employees to fit this brand and culture, you will have a competitive edge. What type if brand are you aiming for? Do your core values and company culture match your brand image? How does your image set you apart? Customer loyalty comes directly from the brand experience. If company culture aligns with brand image, you will see the benefits of aligning your company culture with identity and image.




Culture is the way you think, act, and interact.

Company culture will always be important for growing, transformational, and start-up companies. Here, at Andcor, we are committed to finding the best fit for your companies culture. To discuss the perfect fit for your culture Contact us here.


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