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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work with an executive recruiting agency? Maybe you’ve worked with an agency in the past but the experience didn’t live up to your expectations. At Andcor, we lead with transparency and would like to give you an idea up-front of what it’s like to work with our team.

It’s a Partnership

The foundation of Andcor is rooted in relationships that we’ve built with individuals and companies over the years. Our ability to create and maintain these relationships opens up a vast network of qualified candidates our clients may not otherwise be able to access, and we’re able to provide unparalleled access to starter-builder talent.

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We offer a services-for-equity model that allows us to partner more closely than ever before with our clients. Within that model, all of the work we do together is mutually valuable and both parties have a vested interest in moving forward successfully. Even if a client is not utilizing our services-for-equity offering, we’ve been able to apply the lessons we’ve learned there to all of our relationships with clients. We focus on building trust and getting to really know each other.

Executive Search Company Partnership

We work closely with your team to understand and even help evaluate and define your needs. We take a deep dive into your company, your culture, your executive team, and your employees (all things completely necessary to avoid hiring mistakes) to learn what we will need to look for in your executive hire and put together a profile of that perfect person. We look for someone that will not only be able to perform the work, but will also be a good match for the current people and values of your company, as well as your current stage of growth.

One thing we live for is working with clients who are passionate about what they do, the ones that get fired up when they talk to us about it. We absolutely love to jump on board with a team like that and sell that passion and vision into our network to find someone that will be able to thrive in that exciting environment.

We Hold Ourselves to High Execution Standards

With every client we work with, we hold ourselves to a certain set of standards. Below are a few of the assurances we provide to each of our clients.

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Once we know your company inside and out, we dive into our expansive network and reach out to executives that we believe may be a great fit, many who are currently successfully working within their respective roles and companies.

We handle the first several rounds of interviews and assessments, background investigations and reference checks, diving as deep as necessary with each candidate. This saves your team literally weeks of work, and we narrow down a long list to a handful of excellent candidates that we know would be a great fit for your company.

Andcor Executive Search

We handle as much as we can without taking too much time away from you and your team, but always request and apply your input and feedback. We also help along the way with anything regarding the hiring process, including assisting your team with interview techniques and new-hire onboarding.


With some recruiting agencies, it can feel like your case gets lost in the shuffle or you have no idea who is doing what. With Andcor, we will have not just a dedicated agent, but a devoted team to handle your search from beginning to end.

Working with Andcor Executive Search

We’re small enough that you’ll know everyone involved in your search process. We’re always in direct communication with you and your team, and we’ll be available whenever you’d like an update or have something you’d like to discuss. 


One of the most important things about an executive hire is getting it right the first time, and our process allows us to guarantee we will do that for you. With how closely we partner with you from the beginning, and the relationship that we build throughout, we understand completely what the right person looks like for your current growth stage and won’t stop until we find them for you. We have a strong placement guarantee and haven’t had a new hire fall-through in over 10 years.

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