You Just Closed Series A Funding, Now What?

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You just completed your first round of funding. You’ve got your proof of concept and a plan. Now, you have the seed capital to turn your vision into a thriving business.

What you do in the next 10, 30 and 90 days will determine whether you’re headed for a rocky start or ready to take on the market, barreling toward profitability and growth.

But what next?

You Just Closed Series A Funding, Now What_

It’s time to start building a winning leadership team. You’re not new to wearing many hats in a business. But you understand the difference that having elite talent makes in developing, running and growing a business.

Research published by McKinsey Global Institute found that superior talent is 400% more productive than the average person who’s just good at their job.  5% of talent delivers 95% of value within an organization.

It’s time to find your superior 5%. They’ll not only get results themselves. They’ll send shock waves through an organization, defining the organization and setting the stage for success.

Let’s explore the steps to hiring this level of leadership.

1. Know What You’re Looking for

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, now a trillion dollar company, once said: “Go after the cream of the cream. A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.”

As a startup, hiring this crème de la crème sets you up for success. Business operations run seamlessly. Projects get completed long before their deadlines. Top leaders make smarter hiring decisions themselves, impacting the whole organization.

Start building a leadership team around you that will support your vision and understand how to get things done. Hire people who complement your skill-set. They’re experts in their field. But they’re more.

Qualities Premier Talent Share

Top leaders won’t just tell you something will or won’t work. They can offer specific proven solutions and execute strategies.They command respect throughout an organization because they demonstrate that they value you, their peers, their subordinates and their time. They set clear goals and have clear systems in place to bring out the best in everyone. They’re tough when they have to be but also have high emotional intelligence. They can relate to people and motivate.They don’t just talk a good talk. They have a track record that speaks for them.

Startup Series A Funding, What Next

Considering expanding your startup leadership team? Check out these three major signs to know when it’s time!

2. Find Out Where Top Talent Is

When you’re focused on hiring top leadership, you won’t have people responding to a want ad. You won’t have resumes to thumb through. Top leadership isn’t applying on those popular recruitment sites with the funny logos and catchy commercials. That’s especially true in today’s hiring climate.They’re probably not even looking for work. They aren’t even thinking about a career move. That’s part of why they’re so rare, productive and in demand. They’re focused and driven where they are.

They may even be with your leading competitor. To find this elite talent, look beyond job seekers. Learn about the movers and shakers in top organizations.

3. Connect with Talent

Once you find them, it’s not as simple as requesting an interview. Their LinkedIn messages are likely screened by personal assistant, a digital guard dog with the distinct purpose of blocking distractions. If they do see your message, they’ve little incentive to respond. That’s why your next step is vital to your success. State a clear value proposition.

Just like the best salesperson, put yourself in the person’s shoes. Recognize that they likely get hundreds of job offers each month. You’re not the only one who has recognized their value.

While the compensation package is always important, it will rarely be your first move. What does this person really want? What are their ultimate goals? How can working with you help them achieve those goals?

Aim higher, fly higher. -632413-editedPeople want different things. Among them: 

  • A certain professional experience
  • Contribution to society, environment, etc.
  • Focus on results, not favorites
  • Focus on development
  • Interesting opportunity
  • Flexibility
  • Work-life balance
  • Working with an elite leadership team
  • Working for a growing company



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Results-Driven Recruiting Determines Your Success

You just got your funding. Your next move will define your business for years to come and you need a strong team rallying around you, driving that success.

Are you struggling to find or connect with top talent? We can help! Get the best talent and make the perfect hire. Contact us today! We’d love to chat about your hiring needs. 



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