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Whether you are searching for World Class Executive Talent or are looking for a leadership role at an emerging growth company, Andcor - the premier executive recruiting and search firm in Minneapolis, is the Perfect Hire.

  The foundation of Andcor is rooted in relationships that we’ve built with individuals and companies over the years. Our ability to create and maintain these relationships opens up a vast network of qualified candidates our clients may not otherwise be able to access, and we’re able to provide unparalleled access to starter-builder talent.

  Andcor stands apart from other executive search firms and recruiters by offering  a services-for-equity model that allows us to partner more closely than ever before with our clients. Within that model, all of the work we do together is mutually valuable and both parties have a vested interest in moving forward successfully. Even if a client is not utilizing our services-for-equity offering, we’ve been able to apply the lessons we’ve learned there to all of our relationships with clients. We focus on building trust and getting to really know each other.


Having the best team possible isn’t just about getting all of the right people in the door, but about every element that allows you to attract and
retain those individuals


The venture market can be intimidating, but
we’ve been working with top companies for years providing leadership consulting and organization development services to ensure that all pieces of   your business tie directly to your long-term goals.


We’ve helped hundreds of market-transforming companies reach their true potential.

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