Executive compensation packages: What should you focus on to attract top talent?
Compensation and benefits packages for new hires are generally mixed bags of the usual fare, including a base salary range that’s competitive, health benefits, an employer-matching retirement plan, and other must-haves; attention-getters like unlimited PTO, relaxed policies about flex time, onsite yoga or other workouts paid for by management; and
4 Reasons Why Counter-Offers Never Work
Prepare all candidates for the likelihood of receiving a counter-offer when they tender their resignation from their current employer.  Determine if counter-offers have been common at their current employer and ask them to describe to you why or why not they would entertain a counter-offer. The following points should be
Top executive recruiting trends in 2020
Few things are more important to a company than making the right hires, but when we’re talking about C-suite hires, the stakes are all the higher. If you’re planning to hire an executive for your leadership team this year, get ready to up your game. Changing candidate expectations, and especially
7 Key Strategies for Recruiting a Senior-Level Candidate
Recruiting senior candidates for upper-level positions in your company can be a delicate dance that is markedly different from recruiting and hiring lower-level employees. Here are a few key strategies designed to keep in mind when you’re looking to replace someone in your C-suite. Cast your net wider than your
5 Effective Recruitment Strategies That Will Help You Attract the Best Talent
The success of any company, large or small, is hugely affected by the people working in it. This is the main reason why every organization tries to outdo its competitors when it comes to hiring top talent. If you want attract and retain the best employees, you need to upgrade
Tips for hiring millennials
Hiring top talent is more difficult than ever these days, due in no small part to the historically low unemployment rate. It has led hiring managers and recruiters alike to hone their strategies, refine their processes and even assess their companies in order to be competitive in the hiring game.
6 questions to ask before recruiting and hiring a top executive
Hiring a top executive is a daunting proposition. There are few decisions you can make that are more critical to your success than the makeup of your leadership team. Unfortunately, making that kind of crucial hire is easier said than done. Even if you and/or your internal HR department are
Your corporate culture impacts everything from hiring to retention to the employee experience. Here’s why.
There are few things as important to a business as a good, positive company culture. It impacts everything from hiring the best talent to keeping those star employees happy, to your employer brand and even your bottom line. Research shows companies with a killer culture are stronger and more profitable.
Why you need an executive search firm to fill your C-suite vacancy
You’ve got a vacancy in your C-suite. The circumstances resulting in that vacancy can vary — retirement of an invaluable leader, a new opportunity elsewhere lured one of your best away, even a less-than-amicable parting — but one factor is a constant. You need to fill that vacancy as soon
Why company culture is becoming even more important in 2019
Company culture is, has and will always be important. Over the past decade it has become increasingly important to the success and overall health of your company, your people, and your customers. We will explore 3 different benefits to a company and why they are so important for a transformational company