Andcor’s Unique Service Offerings

Development & Retention

Your people are your foundation. What type of business culture, core competencies, leadership, structure and programs will attract and retain the right employees for your organization… significantly impact the success of your organization… with greater productivity, efficiency, and results? Andcor has been building emerging growth companies for over 40 years. Their human capital management solutions and organization design and development services ensure that all pieces of your business – the people, culture, structure, compensation and performance management systems tie directly to your business goals, thus maximizing the result of your people contributing to the success of your organization.

Andcor’s experience has proven that each emerging organization’s structure is unique and ever-changing. Therefore, Andcor’s hcm solutions and organizational development solutions allow for flexibility while maintaining the results-orientated approach necessary for clients to be successful.

Key features: Organization assessment and design Performance and compensation benchmarking; recommendations and systems development Interviewing, reference checking, and background checks on selected candidates identified by the client Investor introductions Strategic partner identification and introductions Key benefits: Flexible frameworks for unique and ever-changing environments Discovery of key action items that affect the bottom-line Alignment to business goals and objectives Attract motivate and retain Surpass growth goals Maximize the highest performance return on your employees.

Talent Acquisition

Emerging companies require innovative solutions from their retained executive search firms. Andcor’s approach to solving clients’ human resource challenges is based on extensive experience and a track record of success. Andcor focuses on ensuring that their organizational solutions align directly with the ultimate goals of your business.

It is critical to hire to the level of your vision. So often companies hire for today instead of making hiring decisions based on real life growth goals. This is where Andcor comes in – they determine a strategy that ensures you are hiring the right people for your long-term growth goals.

Services For Equity

Traditional fee structures don’t always work for emerging growth and high impact companies. Andcor tailors fee structures to suit your company’s needs and offer your company the flexibility to leveage our services.

As the venture recruiter for investors and entrepreneurs, Andcor has been a pioneer in its services-for-equity offering. Andcor shares in both the risk and reward of growing companies. Their focus is to extend beyond transaction agreements and develop long-term client relationships and partnerships.

The services-for-equity approach enables Andcor to truly partner with our clients and guides every decision they make, ensuring Andcor is fully aligned with the client’s long-term goals. All of our clients know Andcor has a vested interest in the success of their companies and allows the conservation of cash to grow their businesses.