Andcor Solutions

We are recognized as experts in understanding the challenges that emerging companies face as they navigate growth and we are able to match those challenges with effective recruitment services and solutions. Learn more about the Andcor solutions package.

Executive Search

Over the course of the last 45 years, Andcor has built an expansive network, both locally and nationally, giving them the experience and resources needed to attract the best candidate for your organization.The quality of your people is essential to maximizing your potential growth, and Andcor’s process is both thorough and efficient in this regard.

Human Capital Management

As a permanent and contingency search firm, Andcor has been building emerging growth companies for over 45 years. Their leadership consulting and organization design and development services ensure that all pieces of your business – the people, culture, structure, compensation and performance management systems – tie directly to your business goals, thus maximizing the result of your people contributing to the success of your organization.

Equity For Services

Acquiring capital is critical to the growth of any company. Andcor is committed to helping emerging growth companies succeed, which is why they have several ways for clients to get the equity needed to expand. Whether it is Andcor’s unique equity-for-service model or traditional equity investment, Andcor has the investment capabilities companies need to succeed.