6 Benefits Your Startup Can’t Get Without Hiring an Executive Search Firm
Searching for a new executive takes exponential amounts of time and a level of recruiting expertise and networking that is difficult for most internal teams to attain. If you’re thinking about going it alone and looking for your next executive yourself, first take a quick look at six major benefits
Tips for Attracting Top Talent to Your Startup
Finding top talent can be difficult, therefore as a growing startup, you should take a few measures to ensure top talent is able to find you. You run an amazing company, have a stellar team, and do impactful work. Here are a few ways you can put that information at
Why would I hire Andcor?
Andcor is a family company, local to Minnesota, founded in 1969 on the strong belief that the success of an emerging company starts with an excellent leadership team that believes in a shared vision. Almost 50 years later, under the direction of a new generation, we still hold strong to
5 Must-Ask Questions Before Considering an Executive Search Firm
Bringing a new executive onto your team can be both an exhausting and exhilarating process. If you find the right person for the job, it can give your team and company a boost to levels you haven’t seen before. Once you’re ready to find your next executive, do you know
8 Signs Your Startup Needs to Hire an Executive Search Firm
You know your company inside and out. You did the market research, developed a business plan, and secured funding more or less on your own. Now, you’re ready to hire executives. You’ve never done this before. But like so many things you’ve never done before, you’re ready to dive in
How to Identify the Right Time to Hire a Startup Sales Leader
If you’re like many startups, you started small with a few sales reps who more or less managed themselves. While this may work for a short while, any on-track startup will quickly outgrow this model. You’re probably already have. Waiting too long leads to lost opportunities, wasted marketing dollars and
How to Identify the Right Time to Hire a Startup CMO
As the founder of a startup, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you. These decisions will help shape how your company develops and grows for years to come. Hiring a Chief Marketing Officer is one of these decisions. When is the right time? How should you go about it?
5 Common Startup Hiring Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
You’ve likely heard the sobering statistic. Over 50% of startups fail year one. While some may see this as a warning or unwanted pessimism. Others will look deeper. Those who do will see that a top reason those startups failed was lack of leadership experience within the organization. Leadership doesn’t just come from
5 Essential Reasons Hiring is a Critical Element in the Startup Success
As a startup, you have the opportunity to build your team out from square one. Square one is you. Each person you add to your team either strengthens your core leadership unit and, in turn, your business.  Or it weakens your business from the inside out. But the modern hiring landscape as we
You Just Closed Series A Funding, Now What?
You just completed your first round of funding. You’ve got your proof of concept and a plan. Now, you have the seed capital to turn your vision into a thriving business. What you do in the next 10, 30 and 90 days will determine whether you’re headed for a rocky start or ready to