5 Common Startup Hiring Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
You’ve likely heard the sobering statistic. Over 50% of startups fail year one. While some may see this as a warning or unwanted pessimism. Others will look deeper. Those who do will see that a top reason those startups failed was lack of leadership experience within the organization. Leadership doesn’t just come from
5 Essential Reasons Hiring is a Critical Element in the Startup Success
As a startup, you have the opportunity to build your team out from square one. Square one is you. Each person you add to your team either strengthens your core leadership unit and, in turn, your business.  Or it weakens your business from the inside out. But the modern hiring landscape as we
You Just Closed Series A Funding, Now What?
You just completed your first round of funding. You’ve got your proof of concept and a plan. Now, you have the seed capital to turn your vision into a thriving business. What you do in the next 10, 30 and 90 days will determine whether you’re headed for a rocky start or ready to
3 Major Signs It’s Time to Expand Your Startup Leadership Team
It seems timing is always crucial with a startup, whether it is bringing your product to the marketplace or planning a new business launch at just the right time to attract a group of investors. But there’s another matter of timing that is just as crucial: how do you know when it’s
Developing the Next Leaders
Building Progress: The Next Generation of Leadership Something that nearly every corporation will tell you that they are afraid of is the amount of soon to be open roles with a lack of sure fire candidates to carry on the torch. The cultivation of the next generation is essential to
De-Risking Executive Hires
The chance of a failed hire is a coin flip Heidrick & Struggles conducted a study of 20,000 senior executive placements and found that 40% failed within 18 months. A failure meant the executive left, was asked to leave or was performing significantly below expectations. Want more bad news? A
Executive Hiring Plans for Start-Ups, Part 2
“My company is young, but growing fast. We have to start thinking about building our leadership team or we are going to have problems with fulfillment and scaling. How do I attract the kind of executive I want when I can’t pay what the other company pays?” Often, hiring decisions
Executive Hiring Plans for Start-Ups, Part 3
You’ve done all the right things. You’ve planned your next three executive level hires and the business goals that will drive the hiring decisions. You’re actively seeking members of your executive team and are prepared to offer competitive compensation packages. But when it comes down to it, it’s difficult to
Executive Hiring Plans for Start-Ups, Part 1
One of the questions we most often hear from emerging growth companies and start-ups is about when they should hire executives. It is much easier to identify hiring individuals to service specific client needs or support your product. But expanding the executive team can be a difficult and expensive proposition.
Face to Face Friendly Culture: A Conversation with Sarah Oliver
For almost 50 years, Andcor has pioneered customized solutions in the recruitment industry.  Along the way, we’ve developed an incredible network of leaders at all levels…and we continue to make lifelong connections each and every day. We love sharing that sense of community and connection with others and are excited to