Why would I hire Andcor?

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Andcor is a family company, local to Minnesota, founded in 1969 on the strong belief that the success of an emerging company starts with an excellent leadership team that believes in a shared vision. Almost 50 years later, under the direction of a new generation, we still hold strong to this belief. So, why would you want to work with us? Here are a few reasons that are at the top of our list.


Our Network-Centric Approach Helps You Hire Faster

Here at Andcor, we utilize a network-centric approach. We believe this helps us find you better leaders faster because we most likely already know the person that will end up being a great fit for your team, or we know someone who knows them. We’re able to leverage the relationships we have built over the past 49 years to provide our clients with unparalleled access to high impact, peer-endorsed talent.

Andcor helps you hire fastOur focus is on helping identify and attract proven starter-builder talent for primarily Minnesota emerging growth companies. We are able to do both contingent (pay-on-hire) or retained (pay installments throughout) search based on the needs of our clients.

 Our retained search process allows us to dive deep into our network and with our pool of candidates to find the perfect fit for your executive leadership team. Our contingent search process allows us to fill out your team from the bottom up to middle management.

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We Help You Maximize Your Team’s Proficiency and Your Company’s Growth Potential

Having the best team possible isn’t just about getting all of the right people in the door, but about every element that allows you to attract and retain those individuals. To help with everything in between the searches and hires, we offer the following:

Human capital management solutions:

  • Interviewing, psychometric assessments, reference checking, background checks and private investigations
  • Performance and compensation benchmarking, recommendations and program design

Organizational design and development solutions:

  • Human resources effectiveness assessments
  • Strategic partner identification and introductions
  • Investor introductions

Hire Andcor for executive search

These services allow us to learn your company from the inside-out so we can help you maximize your growth potential through the proficiency of your current and future team. We’re able to provide flexible frameworks for the ever-changing nature of your high-growth startup.

We can help you align your business goals and objective and locate key action items that will immediately affect your bottom line. All of this with the overarching goal in mind of maximizing your business growth potential.

Our Unique Equity-for-Services Model Allows for Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

One of the most unique services we offer here at Andcor was an idea of our late founder and Visionary, Daniel Anderson. He wanted to empower small, local companies with large growth goals to have access to the people and services that would allow them to reach those ambitious objectives. At the time, he replaced the current, traditional headhunting business model with an equity-for-services model.


Equity-for-services means that Andcor will take on more of a partnership role, aligning directly with your long-term goals as a stakeholder. This allows for great flexibility in fee structures and custom offerings.

Andcor also recruits and includes within our network, venture capitalists, board members, business advisors and consultants, and key influencers so we’re able to make introductions to external resources that can help with your growth potential.

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