Beyond Share Price: The Importance of Measuring Executive Performance
We all know how important it is to measure employee performance and hold employees accountable. Yet so many companies lack a similar review for their executive leadership teams. Why wouldn’t it be equally or even more important to measure executive performance in a similar way? Ultimately, it is the role
Empowering Consumers and Inspiring Community: A Conversation With Clarence Bethea
For almost 50 years, Andcor has pioneered customized solutions in the recruitment industry. Along the way, we’ve developed an incredible network of leaders … and we continue to make lifelong connections each and every day. We love sharing that sense of community and connection with others. Which is why we’re
Find the Right Recruiting Firm
Whether you’re just setting out on your executive talent search or deep into the process already, the recruiting firm you use in that search can make all the difference for your organization. The right partner will offer a valuable perspective on the strategic and organizational roadblocks typical of an executive
How to Negotiate Your Next Salary
So much has been written about salary negotiations. Some say you need to counter-offer at least twice. Some say to leave benefits out of the conversation entirely. Some say to come into negotiations with a hard and fast rule and a willingness to walk away. We think there may be
The “SAFE” Approach to Seed Financing
Although preferred stock or convertible notes are still the predominate choice for start-ups in seed and early-state financings, a relatively new financing instrument called a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (“SAFE”) has gained traction in the start-up ecosystem. A SAFE shares many characteristics with a convertible note, but is not
Andcor’s Basis for Evaluating Top Management Compensation — In the Emerging Market
  Areas to consider in evaluating individual pay Past accomplishments as CEO and/or Functional Leader of the company Relevant, prior professional experience and track record Skills, behaviors, attributes, and presentation Compensation history ‘Keep the lights on’ cash needs Compensation in the form of equity (i.e., stock grants, stock options, etc.)
Measuring Our Way to the Meaning Age
Chris Carlson of Narrative Pros – Entrepreneur, Actor, Attorney Measuring Our Way to the Meaning Age We have all been bored at some point in our lives, right? I know I have. At least some of that boredom probably came from someone talking at you. Not with you, but at you. Recently, a
How To Think About Filling Talent Gaps
How To Think About Filling Talent GapsAny start-up or growing company knows that one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to afford the right talent that can take you to the next level. The problem we often run into is that companies are looking for a Mercedes but
Customer First or Investor First: The Startup Chicken or Egg Conundrum
“Should we pursue customers or focus on raising capital?” This is a common discussion topic in the startup world. Accelerators have a subset of startups that often include companies with small amounts of both already in hand so the question of next step seems to be a real choice in
The Emerging “Integrator” – The 2% Club
Many thanks to Paul Hanson for sharing his experiences and insights. What is an Integrator? Although I have read my share of business and career development books over my 30+ year career, only a few stand out when it comes to self realization and understanding myself and how I can